Anyone working here or with idea on access level of SAM electronics / Lyngso marine automation in shipboard setup?

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Good day everyone,
I am working as a marine electrician and want to clear something on my Analogue input module made by SAM electronics/lyngso marine. I have a limited access on entering commissioning mode which is protected by a password in which I understand that is done for security reasons. My intention is to check the settings why my analogue input is still not cleared of sensor failed alarm even though the mA input signal is =>4 mA.
1. How many levels of access does this system have and what level can I atleast check the settings for min and max current for a 4-20 mA input. What is the level protection password?

2.If the setting is a standard 4-20 ma,why this 4.01 mA input is still considered an open loop break/sensor failed registering in the system?

Shipboard automation details:
1. Analogue Input module AEM 420
Version no: 20130516/258
Build: HAM-MAIN-REL-1-0-1020120810.2