Anyone interested in working on the Open Source Motor Controller?

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Chris Jones 1

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The Open Source Motor Controller project started I think around 2000 or so. (under OSMC H-Bridge).

I've taken the design and with a lot of input from Chris Baron (guy who started OSMC) and modified it for my needs and I'm planning on releasing whatever I do. Here's what I'm working on, if anyone would like to help with schematic review, layout, programming, etc. please let me know. I can put everything on Github and then people can fork it and make any modifications they want for their specific application but hopefully a lot of the code can be shared.

I'll be making a single motor and likely a dual motor (possibly quad) version.

12V input and output

Teensy 3.5/3.6 driven (will use for PWM control, PID position and speed control, temperature, current monitoring, and all limit and e-stop control).

Input for AS5040 magnetic encoder via RJ45 (I have a simple AS5040 PCB designed and tested with an RJ45 connection). Inputs will be Quadrature A, B, and SSI input for reading absolute positions.

W5500 Ethernet (via external cheap plugin module). Commands can be sent over websocket through W5500 or USB to the Teensy.

HIP4081 H-bridge IC

LS7366R Quadrature decoder. Teensy can do some quadrature decoding in hardware but with some limitations I don't know if I want to deal with.

Temperature monitor

Current monitoring up to 100A.

Limit and E-Stop inputs

Dual IRF1405 on each leg (rated at 169A). Should be able to handle about 60A-80A. The OSMC uses 4 on each leg and is rated to handle 160A.