Anyone interested in some RF modules?

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This is by no means a "for sale" post, but.... long story short:

I just ordered more than I will probably use worth of RF devices direct from HopeRF in China. I just couldn't justify a few dollars/unit in shipping cost, so I just ordered more units, lol.

I guess I will eventually use all of them in my prototyping, experimenting, and what not (though it may take a while), but I've noticed some can be hard to get so I thought I'd throw them at the forum and see if there would be any interest.

I bought some of the following:
RFM12B Transciever (DIP and SMT modules)
RFM01 Receiver (DIP and SMT)
RFM02 Transmitter (DIP and SMT)
RFM43B Transmitter (DIP)

I'm not trying to sell them here or anything, I just thought if anyone was interested that I might throw some up on ebay.