Antenna impedance measurement, opamp and detector circuit

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i have to write a report for an antenna analyser I want to build using arduino and modules. though this has already been done a few times. im trying to find a way to alter it so I can make something the same but different.
maybe if I paint it red that would work?
anyway, im looking at ways of measuring impedance and the wheat stone bridge is very common, so I will use this. then there is a compensated buffer amp, I don't know what this is? I will have to look it up. it also has diode detectors. this is the measuring part of the sirkit. the program I suppose I could change without hassle. I would like to understand how the op amp works so I could possible change that for something else.
any thoughts about this idea or a point in the right direction would be great
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search on "return loss bridge" that will be the bridge part, then get a vco to generate the rf signal. detector output from return loss bridge will give you when the ballance signal to show when antenna orload is resonant.