Antenna ground plane design

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Currently working on an antenna for GSM application. We are going to use an LDS printed antenna and are in need of dimensioning our ground plane.

As I have understood it we will exchange the one part og the dipole antenne (half-wavelength) with a ground plane. With limited space available We are looking at multiple ways to make the best design. I was wondering if you maybe have some good tips on this matter?

1. Which formulas should I use to figure out the size I need for my ground plane?
2. What matters when it comes to the design of the ground plane, is it the area or the dimensions?
3. Is it possible to use multiple ground planes, interconnected in series?
4. Does the ground plane need to be signal receiving? (It will be placed inside a signal distorting casing, only the one quarter-wavelength piece will be sticking out.)

If you have any good links, og good books to recommend on this matter that would be great!

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Hello phoenix,

Ground plane is essential in application like this, if you need it you should only make a difference between analog and digital ground. I would tell you initially to use a layer only for ground plane and connect with vias the other layer or layers. Use as much ground plane as possible