Another MC2100 control board issue

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This forum has been a great help already, so right off thanks for the community.

I have an MC-2100 Rev B board on an old treadmill. The treadmill stopped working so using info on the board I tracked it down to the MOFSET. Replaces the MOFSET with upgrades one and also replaces the large capacitor as many said also can be involved. It ran great for about 3 hours over 6 days. Then today it just slowed down rapidly and stopped.

Now the controller appear to be working (received PWM signal, light blinks as normal, control board shows code 6 when you start indicating high voltage bus charges) but there’s nothing on the DC output. I checked the MOFSET to see if it has blown but it seems to be ok. Removed from the board the normal diode test shows it’s working and the “is it shorting across all 3” test also shows it’s good. I did a quick check of several other components and there was nothing obvious. I also checked the motor with an external battery and it runs.

Not sure where else to look. Anyone with similar experiences or ideas, would appreciate it. Maybe’s it’s just time for a new one.