Analog Stereo Audio Mixer with Digital Effects

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I have recently acquired a 12+4 channel audio mixer from a flee market. having bought it for only 10euros i did not really care if it worked or not , but upon arriving home i realized that some guy (possibly chick) just cut off the ribbon cables ( with scissors mind you) going the power supply circuit board from inside the device. the power supply board was never found.

after some moments of thinkering i found the +12v and -12v rails on the opamps. very cleverly designed the mixers are. the busses run along a flat cable going from module to module. having powered these busses i turned on the analog part of the device. but strangely i could not get the hang of why the digital part of the circuit did not turn on. the busses seem to be going in a motherboard which distributed the power ( to the rest of the circuits). it also goes to a 7805 regulator which in turn supplies a microcontroller.

i am really not interested to make this work , maybe one day.

what i am asking in this post is ;

the effects produced digitally travel also in the ribbon cable from module to module. they can be accessed from every channel by fading in the effect.

does somebody know what do these signals consist of? effects include delay , echo , reverse , gate , studio , percussion.... etc.

i would like to learn what kind of signals are produced digitally and can be fed in an analog circuit consisting of 2 op-ams and several passive , and curious on ho they effect the audio.

can these "effect signals" be created analog-ly?