Analog Crossover Linear Phase Issue

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I´m a student working in one of the university labs where I was asked to design a crossver with 0° phase on each band pass.
I have being working on prototypes but I think I´m not doing it properly.
How do I face this problem? Is it hard to get?

I´m trying combining a traditional active filter and then adding a phase equalizer, but I don´t get a good result. Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks!


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I'm not clear about your exact requirements. Do you have two bandpass filters, or a lowpass and a bandpass, or a lowpass and a highpass. What are the specifications of each filter:
  1. Maximum attenuation in the passband, e.g. 0.5 dB
  2. Width of the transition band(s), eg. 8 Hz., 200 Hz, 1.2 kHz.
  3. Minimum attenuation in the stopband, e.g. 60 dB
  4. Corner frequencies, e.g. 8 Hz, 3 kHz., 12 kHz.
Where do you want the 0° phase to be? In the passband(s)?

Here is an example:
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