An Excellent Application of Robotics

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This robot prints full plans onto the floor of a construction sites. It provides ~1mm accuracy replacing chalk lines and adding text labels and all the trades including mechanical and electric. It ever can print full sized ductwork in position for layout.

Really clever. It's early days but this seems like something that is going to become the norm, it's so good.



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Looks cool. I'm curious how it orients/homes itself before printing. Didn't see anything on the website so I checked out their "how it works" video on YouTube. It doesn't make even a half-hearted attempt at explaining "how it works." It should be renamed "promo video #17."

I guess this is what you get when one of the "I can't provide the details you need to help me because my idea is too good" types we see around here all the time, actually stumbles upon success.