Excellent customer support of “SANWA”

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    Excellent customer support of “SANWA”

    In the early 90’s, for my 11th birth day, a new SANWA analog multi-meter was given me as the birthday gift by my mother. Since then, my favorite brand was Sanwa for electronic measuring equipments. Mainly it caused two reasons: comparatively it’s cheep than well-known US and European brands and also it’s accurate. (I don’t say anything on cheapest Chinese items when I talk on Brands) However, now I’m not directly working in the field of electronic (Now I’m working as network engineer in the field of information technology), but I still do some small experiments and repairing works as my hobby.

    I bought Sanwa PC510 multi-meter during my recent visit to Thailand (I’m a Sri lanken). After coming back to my country, when I test the newly bought multi-meter, I found some measuring issues in capacitance measuring range (it showed somewhat different values than the actual values). Further, as a pre-test, I tested the meter with about 20 new capacitors. Finally I found there was a little issue with accuracy of capacitance of large capacitors.

    Then I directly opened a support-case with Sanwa for the above matter. After initial mails, one Sales Manager of Sanwa contacted and advised me to meet our local Sanwa agent and get a new replacement for my PC510 from them. Even though I have bought the meter from another country, Sanwa kindly allowed me to get a replacement for it from my country (there was no any international warranty for this too). I just had only to hand over my meter to my local agent and then, my local agent gave me a new PC510a.

    Finally, I would like to say that I’m very happy on the “Customer-support service” of Sanwa, and also I have no any hesitation to recommend the brand of “Sanwa” for those who need to buy a good branded multi-meter at an affordable price. :)

    Ranatunga W.K