Amplify current received from close range transmitter

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Before I tell you what is needed, I just want to get it across that I am no expert or anywhere close to it.

Now that is out of the way, I have a 7W transmitter that is in close proximity(inches) to my rectenna. The received voltage is 6V while the amperage is in the mAs as in <= 10 mAs. Is there anyway that I can increase the current? I also apologize in advance if I failed to provide some necessary information.


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You're into basic antenna theory here. Less distance, higher quality rectenna, directional transmitting antenna, transmitted power, that sort of thing. If you are talking about amplifying the current you are receiving, that is a different field where you use a power supply to run an amplifier in the DC range. Which way is your question heading?


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I'd like to receive more current from the transmitter than I am currently receiving.
The stupid answer is, "Move them closer together". What drives that useless answer is the lack of specifics. It's time to get into quantification. You are already vaguely in the range of 0.5% efficiency. How much is, "more"? What antennas are you already using? How are they arranged? What frequency? What is your goal...besides a number being displayed on a meter? Right now, we're about at the level of, "How long is a string?" The Devil is in the details. It's time to go there.


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I had no idea that was what was inside. Also, if you believe the bridge would help me, then I'll take it.
The bridge would make a better antenna than those "crystal" things... I happen to live near Sedona. There is a big market for crystals and pyramids there...