Amplifier for AD9954 dds kit

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The DDS you link to can go up to 200 MHz output,
you want 50 MHz at 20 V, I guess into a standard 50 ohm load ?
and your DDS output is 1v8 ,

so you need a gain of at least 10:1.

thats a nice little RF transmitter,

Looking at the AD8129 chip,
your going to have a rise / fall time of around 20ns, into 1K load.
which is 50 MHz,
hope your not wanting a square wave,

yes, it seems the above board will work,
you will need +- 12v power, and need to shift the input voltage to have the output swing +- 10v,

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Thank you for a quick reply,

Indeed I want a square wave at 50 MHz and sine at about 150 MHz, do you foresee any issue here?

Would it also work with no issues in the lower frequency range down to 0.1 Hz?

And is the 1.8V output voltage enough as an input to amplifier or would I need some preamplifier first?

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A square wave,
how square ?
think about the fourier series of a square wave,