Altium Designer problem in safe-mode

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I was wondering if there is any way to learn Altium designer without having to draw the PCB circuit? I have been running my laptop in safe-mode for a while because my laptop has graphic-card problem which results in a lot of other problems and makes it indispensable for me to run it in safe-mode and in safe-mode lots of windows features and software such as ms-office, etc don't work.I can afford to neither buy a new laptop nor replace the mainboard (because my Graphic-Card is on-board).In Altium I can draw schematic but when I go to the next level to perform the PCB layout it just does't show any thing but a black screen without the components and any thing else and also the dialog boxes aren't displayed fully. I tried everything and searched the internet to fix it and came across a thread in somewhere wherein someone had the same problem(I don't know if that person was running his pc in safe-mode or not) and somebody suggested that the problem had something to do with his Graphic-card .I am an analog design engineer and I already worked with Hspice and cadence(cadence also does not work in safe-mode) to design and layout my circuits for university homework ,thesis and papers but know I wanna get a job which requires me to learn Altium designer.what can I do to learn it in safe mode because when I run it in normal-mode it immediately goes to black-screen and everything locks down and obliges me to press the button to turn it off.and it happens constantly no matter how many times I reboot the laptop.
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I am not sure which Altium version you are using. If you are using version 18 and above, it is required to use GPUs with a performance high than 700 GFLOPS. Altium Designer is optimized for DirectX, it is recommended to consider a gaming style graphics adapter, gaming style cards have better performance and stability and are much cheaper with respect to workstation (OpenGL-based) graphics cards.
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