problem with schematic transfer to pcb in Altium designer

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Norman Medi

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I have a problem with the schematic transfer to pcb in Altium designer software. In some computers, when I want to go from the schematic of a design to its pcb design, it doesn't work, i.e., the windows gets white and nothing appears on the Altium windows. This problem appears on some computers and it seems there is a compatibility issue with the computer's graphic part.Has anyone any information on this issue? For example, in MATLAB, there is an script that when you run it, the openGL graphic card compatibility is resolved. Can any one suggest me on how to resolve the issue? I appreciate your guidance.


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If you think its a graphics issue then step 1 is always update your graphics card driver to the latest from the manufacturers site..

Any chance its RAM/Virtual memory related? Whats "different" between the computers it works on and those it doesn't..
Have you applied any/all updates/service packs for Altium?