Affordable oscilloscpe contact -current probe ?

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For a while I was eyeing 1 of the $100 Hantek current probes, that would be ok for most stuff I'd want to do, except you would have to cut a trace, and solder in a length of wire.

Then I saw the contact current probe, that cost like $500USD or more, can't remember the name.

Is there anything a bit cheaper these days that people recommend ?


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So I guess most people just make do without one then.
Generally a circuits operation can be determined by looking at the various node voltages.
Currents, if needed, can often be calculated by looking at the voltage drops across the resistors in the circuit.


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Been here watching for a bit and decided to jump aboard to help with any Siglent stuff if required.

Current probes, well it depends on what you're doing and for most stuff you can get away with a AC probe especially when doing magnetics and high speed switching like in SMPS.
For hobbyist work something with 10A and 100KHz capability is generally good enough.

I really like Tek P6021 but good luck these days finding them cheap.