advice for the component that shall be use in project (arduino)

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hello, i will using a motor and motor driver but when i research its too expensive. can you give some advice on how and cost will be?

im using motor for a cart that been using in the grocery (Small cart) and i see this motor but its too expensive (

additional... im also using some sensor... what is the best or good to used and low cost? if its going to crash or be bump to another? and also want to try line follower... what will be good and low cost since im really low budget and i dont want to waste money if its not work?

some advice??? im really appreciate if you help me to decide

thank you so much ^_^

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HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Ranging for Arduino
Item #: 19605 UT Sale: $3.31

Proximity Detector, I/R Reflective for Arduino
Item #: 30312 HD Sale: $7.95

Multi Motor Drive for Arduino Compatible Shield
Item #: 30292 MP Sale: $10.95

Stepper and DC Motor Driver Module, 2A, L298
Item #: 34652 MP Sale: $3.95

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Ranging for Arduino
Item #: 19605 UT Sale: $3.31

3-6VDC Motor with Rubber Tire for Arduino
Item #: 32064 MD Sale: $3.95

12-24VDC, 19/45 RPM Gearhead Motor with Wheel, Used
Item #: 17971 MD Sale: $9.95

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