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I know one young girl here in Riga, who have to live with multiple paralysis tied into wheelchair. I see she have written in dozen of local forums everywhere with the same one ultra-important for her question:

<<What smartphone and what tablet computer would you recommend to a person who doesn't have working fingers? Please, what smartphone or tablet computer would you recommend to a person whose fingers don't work as they should and who can only press the keys from the front with a plastic stick held in the teeth!? Of course, you could also work in the same way with a special pencil designed for several smart devices, if only there was information, remotely on the Internet, already before buying them, and therefore it would be known which devices respond to the touches of the soft-tip pencil and which of them also have excellent Wi-fi and Bluetooth reception and the ability to listen to audio recordings on the Internet?>>

Local forums, sorry, help with a minor on that help-cry. Probably some of You may come to help her with a longer answer. I obey I shall translate it back and shall provide to her. I have no any least experience with such problem as my fingers well serve how I move them, thank the God for it is so.
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My wife works with special needs kids and she says they used to use tablets that would track the kids eyes and they could control them by looking at things on the screen. The brand name is Tobii, but I'm not clear if Tobii only makes the eye trackers or the whole package, but if you google "tobii tablet for disabled" quite a few things come up. Here's an article that might be helpful: