Advice on designing hardware interaction between an Microcontroller and a host for beginner

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*Hello everyone,

I am a beginner in electronic design and I am currently learning to read datasheets and draw schematics using KiCad. I am interested in designing hardware interaction between an MCU and a host. Could you please advise me on some key considerations, such as voltage compatibility? Are there any resources available for beginners, or a complete guide to designing electronics for beginners?

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Normally, that interaction would be done by USB or by serial line, often through a USB adapter on modern computers that do not have serial lines. Bluetooth and WIFI are the common wireless options.

Are you talking about a designing a hardware interconnect of your own equivalent to those methods? That seems a bit of a stretch for a beginner.

Or are you talking about the software protocol for getting data back and forth? I think not, since you specifically mentioned hardware interaction.