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I would like to simulate on Matlab a PAM signal which, travelling on a time-dispersive communication channel, contains intersymbol interference (ISI).

I have 'built' the transmitter by generating:
- 8-PSK signal
- designing the impulse response p(t) of a root of raised cosine
- upsampling
- filtering
So I have the signal ready to transmit ... but without ISI.

In which of these steps should I add the ISI? And how do I do that?

In my opinion, since I have to simulate 'L' echoes of a time-dispersive channel, in transmission I don't have p(t) but a delayed version of it .. so the impulse is already born with echoes .. for example like this: p(t)+a1*p(t-Ts) with Ts=symbol interval
Is this correct?

If yes, then I should modify this step:
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