Add Bluetooth audio receiver to Car autoradio CD30 MP3 mid 2005.

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Hello guys, first of all, i might be wrong by posting this in this website as it looks like a high skilled electronic worker forum. Secondly sorry for my english. I watched differents videos from people who added bluetooth card to their autoradio car but nothing specific about the CD30 MP3 by Blaukpunkt. Mine is form mid 2005 WITHOUT AUX In and No audio Input which is the big issue.

I enjoy opening broken electronic devices and try to fix it but this "project" is probably the most difficult for me as im trying to add a new function to the device.

So i have a bluetooth audio receiver with a mini jack audio output. I would like to link it to the CD audio outputs to the mainboard. By using a blank CD it's possible to send audio by the bluetooth module while the autoradio thinks he plays a CD. For this i found Lout, Rout and Gnd on the CD player board. I soldered the Left out, right out and gnd to the PINS on the circuit board form the cd player.

I attached photos to my post.

It's actually doesnt work, i have no sound when i play the blank track while my phone is sending a song to the bluetooth module.

does someone know what im doing wrong?

thanks for your time