AD654 A/F nul output needed

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    Aug 3, 2011
    Hi, I'm working on an analog to frequency converter based on AD654. I have a problem because the input signal (coming from a uP board D/A converter) always generate a minimum 5 mV DC which generate output pulses out of my AD654... This circuit is used to control a Step Motor drive and I should have a zero pulse output.

    First solution is to have a 10 mV offset circuit at the input. Second solution is a comparator which shot down the output when the input is under 5-10 mV (precision is not very important).

    Any other solution welcome.

    - I only have single supply available for this circuit +24V or +5V
    - No place for potentiometer on the board
    - I have 1/2 LM358 Opamp available

    I'm not familiar with these small DC analog signals. If you can help, I will appreciate.:) A_F_Conv.jpg

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    Aug 21, 2008
    Your comparator idea is the best of the two and probably better than I could come up with.

    On the the LM358, the + input connected to AD654 Vin, -input connected to a reference voltage, perhaps 10 or 15 mv -whatever works, but it would probably be higher than 6mv to assure that the input offset voltages don't prevent the circuit from working. A small signal diode in series (cathode on the LM358 output, anode to AD654 Fout) will shut down the output per your solution.
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    Aug 3, 2011
    Diode at the output of the 358 is a good idea. I will check for a stable reference IC and also components with comparator and reference in the same chip like Max 9016, LT6650, Max9062, Max9063, TLV3011.