Active ballancer IC for Li-ion

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Currently, I'm using the BQ76940 for my BMS 30S but it isn't enough efficiency so now I'm looking for an active balancing solution.
What I want:
  1. Digital interface
  2. Cheap))
In the worst case, I will use BQ76940 + active balancer IC for every cell.

Could you recommend me some IC?


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I bookmarked this a while back; cost was about $3 per bank.
No smarts, though.

There's this DIY BMS, but doesn't have active balancing as far as I can tell:
Maybe it's not too hard to adapt to active balancing?

My hands-on experience with active balancing is limited to buying (but not yet using) a board marked "Active Battery Cell Balancing" JW-5C1.2A. (5C for up to 5 cells (banks), 1.2A for 1.2 amps balancing current.) Like this one:
which reveals that the chip is an ETA3000
Data sheet here:
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