AC Heating element control via arduino (thermocouple)

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Se7en Axis

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Hey guys,

First of all I'd like to thank everyone to stop by and perhaps give me a few hints to help me forward with my project.

I'm in year two of my college course in electronics, and I've just begun working on my final college project: an infrared pre-heater for phone logic boards. I have been doing phone repair for a couple years now, and begun to realize the importance of pre-heating a device prior to removing components, because as you may know, high, instant heat will cause the board to warp which leads to serious problems.

The heating element(load) consists of 3 infrared 250W bulp, they will all be lined up underneath, with a micro mesh filter in between to help spread the heat evenly. My objective is to control the tension through the bulps in consistance to the readings of a thermocoupler that'd lay on the surface of the logic board that's being worked on, the temperature I am looking for will be ~175c (slightly below melting point for 11nm particles)

The circuit will work via Arduino, and I will have a PID code to help slowly decrease the voltage through the load once it gets closer to the desired temperature, to control the heating element I plan to use a zero-crossing circuit along with the triac that'll cut or open the voltage through the heating element.

So my question in general is if this makes sense at all? and is there anything I should change or add for better chance of this working out.