AC and DC power lines on the same PCB

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Hi I have a very simple question, Is it considered either dangerous or bad form to have AC mains lines running on the same PCB as DC power lines, on an aluminium based PCB. I’m going to have a PCB prototyped a very simple run of 6 or so SMD leds in series running at 600ma, running a mains bus line on the same PCB would be advantageous ( in reducing the wiring necessary ). The PCB does have a plastic coating over the tracks.

Does anyone think it is a horrendous idea to do so? Any and all thoughts very welcome :)


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It also depends on what the aluminium is connected to. If it can't be touched, then it could quite happily be live.
If the aluminium is earthed, then the insulating layer on the aluminium board has to withstand 2500V.