AAC Upgrade Thread - Feedback & Bugs

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For my part I've nothing and no one save my own 'myopia' to blame for my principal 'agro' attending the upgrade (which being corollary to my use of my blog as an 'upload anchor/repository' in full view of the fact that said feature was a third party 'kludge' and, hence, liable to 'miscarriage' in the inevitable event of significant changes to fora software...
HP Sry for saying _I told you so_ but that's just how it was! So I hope u learned lesson of just EMBEDDING by which I mean attaching pix to associated post! Even if _blog_ or _album_ feature is native part of fora software cuz that can change too! BTW @jrap tnx from me too! I totally appreciate all your hard work recovering pix:)!

Automotive forum is gone.
MrChips just in my opinion that's no biggie cuz there's _zillions_ of automotive dedicated sites on web! So I say AAC doesn't need special forum for that! But I also say PLEASE don't go back to super strict rules against discussing automotive electronics!


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When examining a specific post, then exiting, does not take you back
to same place on prior screen, always takes you to bottom of prior
screen. Kind of a pain when looking thru several posts, the extra step(s)
to re-orient screen/page position.

Regards, Dana.


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In order to sign- in, I must sign- in twice. That is, the first time that I enter my user name and password, and submit it, then I'm not signed- in. If I do it again, then I get signed- in.



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One thing that is a frustration is not being able to scroll from one thread page to the next. And that orange bar that pops down whenever I scroll up at all.


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But it's new and improved! And just think of all the quality threads and answers from all the youngster it attracts! :D
Absolutely! I especially love the ones where no schematic is provided, no IC part numbers given nor component values, no description of input source or output load, no supply voltages, and no hint of what circuit behavior was observed vs. what was expected.

Forcing us to play "20 Questions" is good, because it makes us think. :cool:


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Once again my comment that horribly offends many folks: "ONLY HALF OF ALL CHANGES ARE IMPROVEMENTS". I stand by that statement based on first hand experience.


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I don't see anyone offended by your remarks, just criticism of the new forum format, and wonder why you are apparently sticking with the Orange version? :rolleyes:
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