A/V streaming with smartphone better audio?

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I am going to use a smartphone to live stream a church service to a Facebook page. I've seen it done and it works well with one exception. The phone needs to be set up near the front of the church so it can capture a central shot including the altar the lectern and pulpit. That limits the sound pick up since the phone microphone is the only source of the sound. It results in the sound being a bit "distant" sounding and weak.
I'm looking for a way of improving on this matter. It would be ideal to avoid any cords or wires to avoid the risk of snagging or tripping on these. I guess I would have to place a very small speaker on the tripod with the phone for better sound pick up.
But how to get the speaker to work without any kind of wires. Thought of a Bluetooth speaker but it would need charging just like the phone. And I think Bluetooth is limited to about 20' and we would need it to work around 40-50' .
Any suggestions? Thanks!