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Lately we have forum members who are using this site to troll each other.

This site is about Electronics first. We also support Science and Technology, along with a smattering of other subjects.

When BeenThere (a former moderator, now deceased) posted his thread Off Topic is not here for politics he was addressing a similar problem. The Off Topic forum is a place where we can discuss issues that are not related to any of the above and joke around.

The lesson seems to have been lost. People are freely using the words liberal and conservative as if they were obscenities. We are seeing an increase in sniping other members in a very troll like manner, even new members who have wandered in to ask questions.

This is one of the core missions of AAC. There are no stupid questions.

Which brings us to a second point. If you see a member whos constant questions bother you use the ignore feature!

It really is better to say nothing at all than to say something ugly, trollish, or witty at anothers expense. Joking does not fall under this category, but too many posts moderators have been seeing do.

Moderators are going to get more active on this problem. This may be just deleting comments that we feel are inappropriate to bans, both temporary and permanent.

Since the staff here (both moderators and administrators) tend to work by consensus permanent bans may take a bit longer than simple deletions. It would be better all around if people were to take a moment to think about what they have typed before pressing enter.
Not open for further replies.