A little public info about popular Atmel parts and who will be making them in the future

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We are planning to reduce the clean room footprint in our Colorado six-inch fab that we acquired with Atmel acquisition. At six-inch wafer size, the fab is no longer competitive with our other high-volume eight-inch fabs. Therefore, we will be turning the six-inch fab into a discrete and specialty fab doing silicon carbide, field effect transistors, FETs, the transistors, MEMS and other discrete devices. We will be transferring high-volume Atmel products from the six-inch Colorado fab to our eight-inch fabs in Arizona and Oregon.

This transfer will take about 12 months to complete largely because we brought up the highest volume process in eight-inch fabs for dual sourcing earlier. In addition, we will be transferring some of the discrete products from Microsemi four-inch fabs to the six-inch fab in Colorado