A 3Φ full-wave rectifier design LF HELP

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Abdurrahman Çolak

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I need to Construct a SIMULINK model with:
a- A 3Φ supply with 440 V, 50 Hz, Y-connected and grounded.
b- A 3Φ, 50 kVA, 50 Hz, Δ –Y transformer, with secondary side grounded
c- A 3Φ full-wave rectifier
d- Input LC filter that will ensure THDI ≤ 8%, and PF ≥ 85%
e- Output capacitor filter to ensure Δvo ≤ 10%
f- A resistive load of 50 Ω, which is fed by the 3Φ full-wave rectifier

I 'm electronic enginnering student I need info about this project how to make it work can any1 guide me on this subject
thanks advance.

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Abdurrahman Çolak

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well to be honest I dont know how to find Ls , Cs İnput filter parameters with THDi . I solved couple questions before starting about this but all was specified by RF (Ripple Factor) not the THDi I


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Most or non of us will do your homework for you, Sorry, but doing that will help you get through your class, but not get you through life or a future job. If you don't show what you've done so far.......


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Since you don't seem to know how to start:

If you provide us with the textbook you are using, I'm sure one of us has it on our shelf and can point at the chapter with this in it. If your professor uses PDF textbooks, point us there. Should be relatively easy to point you to the correct chapters.

Actually, there is a good write-up on the AAC site you can look through also. Chapter 8 of the AC section.