A 12DCV or a 24DCV source for a 300watt DC heating element?

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Jonathan Foong

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I would like to choose in between either a 12DCV or a 24DCV source to power up the 300watts DC heating element, which one is a better one in terms of safety, connection cable size, etc..... Which is a better DC supply choice for this 300watts requirement? A 12DCV 25A or a 24DCV 12.5A?


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The 12.5A is easier to deal with than 25A. So I agree with Ramussons but;
Look and see what power supply you can get. It might be a car battery charger type supply is easy to get and so 12V. (watch out car things are not really 12V but 12 through 15V)


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You should stay with the heating elements specs. They are usually resistive loads ie, if you use half the volts they want then you get half the current and so only 1/4 the power and little heat. Or if you double the voltage you get twice the current and 4 times the rated power and probably burn the element out.