8085 microprocessor mini project title ..#2

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Hi, I need some help here
I'm now lack of idea what should i do for my mini project
These are the title that been choose by my classmate

1. Automatic night lamp with morning alarm
2. Traffic light with sensor + 7segment
3.multi pattern running lights.
4.Washing machine
5.Simple Lock Using Keypad and 7 segment
6. Electronic quiz table
7. Electronic Digital Clock
8.temperature controller
9.Plant Irrigation System
10. Car Parking Management
11.customer counter for supermarket
12. electronic queue management system in food stall
13.safety box
14.Shop lot automatic door with 7segment display
15. bank queue management system
16. water level controller
17. automatic home system
18. commuter system
19. Automatic room light control
20. Elevator control system

i need some advice,any other title that can be use?
it just a simple project
hello can you please send me whatever you made....literally any topic....a bit of emergency ....i know its almost 4 years ....but please help me out here

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