8051 microcontroller program

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Two 32 bit numbers be 01453BC0h and 56C705FEh and let them store in RAM locations from 40H to 43H and 50H to 53H. The result of addition which is also 32 bit long. Use bank 0, R0 and R1 as pointers of addends and R0 of bank 1 as pointer to result. The result should be stored in Data memory from 60H to 64H. It is an 8051 microcontroller qn please anyone help me to solve this.


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I suppose you have a question?

If you are looking for a solution that is not how Homework Help works. Show us your work and we can help you from there.
Draw a flowchart of how you would solve the problem. It does not matter what MCU you are using, assuming you are restricted to 8-bit processors. Your flowchart should be void of computer language and jargon.

Begin with how you would add two 8-bit values.
Next, how you would add two 16-bit values?