74HC595 vs HCF4094 (Clock Project)

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Darren Midkiff

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I am following an instructable to build a clock for my sister that displays the time in text lit up by LEDs. The instructable calls for the use of HCF4094 shift registers. Unfortunately, these are no longer availible (at least on digikey), so I decided to use 74HC595s in their place. Unfortunately, the inputs and outputs are not exactly the same on each chip. The HCF4094 has Strobe, Data, Clock, and OE pins as inputs. The 74HC595 has MR', SHCP, STCP, OE', and DS.

I set up the clock such that:

Strobe = STCP
Data = DS
Clock = SHCP
OE != OE'
MR = 0

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working. Did I make a mistake in my set up?