70V - Volume control (9 speakers x 2 channel 700W Amp)

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Nick Leavelle

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Hello all,

Hoping I can get some kind of clue as to my options on this one...

As the title states I am installing a 70V System. It will have a total of 9 Speakers split across the two channels of a 700W Amplifier (equating to two zones). Zone 1: 4x60W / Zone 2: (4x60W 1x10W). My intent is to find a way to install two in-wall mounted volume controls (one for each zone). My problem is that I can only seem to find up to 100W (max wattage) Volume controls.

I did find this: http://www.outdoorspeakerdepot.com/vmheduimmasl.html but I am not sure it would be suitable for my application as it doesn't specifically mention (at least not that I could find) that it would work at that threshold or even at all on a 70V system.

I will already be deploying the use of this: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B016OVUINM...TF8&colid=271F9Z76ACXRS&coliid=I1BOUEGKVJOBML

Which is purely due to it's ability to allow for wireless control of the system via a tablet or capable phone using an Ethernet connection to a DHCP wireless router.

However, I would prefer to have two physical volume controls for simplicity as well as when accessing the controls from the Application one could inadvertently adjust properties and in general the UI can be confusing or dangerous even to a novice.

Any information or guidance regarding this would be much appreciated.


- Nick