60 Volt to 12 Volt Step down converter with 1-2 Amp Output

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I want to convert 60 volt to 12 volt using buck converter, the supply is coming from 48 volts battery bank connected with inverter/ups. During charging supply is upto 56 volts.


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A reference design with mysterious component values. That'll get 'em started on the right path. You could at least have included a link to the datasheet.


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Those Simple-Switchers are only rated for ~40-Volts.

If You have room for a large Heat-Sink,
this is all You need ...........
( just keep in mind that at an actual continuous ~2-Amps,
it will dissipate around ~100-Watts of Heat ).

Edit ..... at ~60-Volts it will require a Zener-Diode to protect the TL431, and the Gate of the FET.
Regulator with no Current Limiting .PNG
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It can be 500mA
I’ve used the MAX5033 and it’s one of those “does exactly what it says on the tin” type of devices. If you connect it like it says on the datasheet it works first time and gives no trouble.
MAX5035 is its big brother which will give you 1Amp.


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Just about any N-Channel-FET in a TO-247 Package will be fine.
Try this one ........ IRFP064NPBF-ND
Heat-Sinks tend to be way too expensive,
so You might as well get a nice Aluminum-Box with the deal ........
You'll have to wait on the other details, it's getting late.
Let me know if it's worth the time, and whether You will be considering actually going this route.

What type of External-Connections you would prefer,
individual Wires through a Grommeted-Hole,
Jacks / Sockets, etc. ?

And the exact Output-Voltage that You would prefer,
does the Output-Voltage need to be adjustable, and within what range of Voltages ?,
external-Voltage-Control, or internal Trim-Pot ?,
any Output-Filtering ?, ( this is already a very "quiet" Linear-Regulator ),
Power-Switch ?, ( the Circuit uses almost zero Current when there is no Load Connected ),
Current-Limiting ? ...........
simple/crude Electronic-Current-Limiting,
Sophisticated-Electronic-Circuit-Breaker-Chip, etc..