6 pin ic with no print on outside

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hello ,,, im trying to identify this ic ..
dont know where i salvaged this one , and wich device it came out of ..

tried microscope . and the thermal paste method to make te letters better to read,,
this way i found out it has no lettering at all.

how am i going to find out what it is / does . ( i have a usb chip programmer .. maby software tool or some kind of use for it )

here some pic`s .. not that it is of many help 20191127_210804.jpg20191127_210745.jpg20191127_210825.jpg20191127_211231.jpg

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For most common photocouplers, pin 1 and 2 are the internal LED's anode and cathode, respectively.
That is easy.
The key question here is: Is it a phototransistor output or a phototriac output?
Phototransistors have the collector emmiter at pin 5 and 4 respectively, and sometimes there is a base at pin 6, which for simple circuits you may ignore.

However, phototriacs have the MT outputs at pin 6 and 4. They also withstand hundreds of volts.

You may want to rig a small, low voltage test circuit to suss out which output type the unknown device has.