555 Adjustable PWM control With Variable Frequency

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hey guys!

SO Im using a 555 timer texas 555ne. Now Im making this as a tesla controller. I am upgrading to a fiberoptic cable.

So first off I made this the first time. pow. freq 0-500 and duty 0-70%, took some cap and resistor tweaking nut I got it. Of course I brought it in my room that night to I brought it in my room that night and of course I accidentally dropped it. So the entire thing fell apart it was on one of those mini 1 inch breadboards. So I have been searching online for the last 3 days for something that'll work as well as that one did I have been unsuccessful in this manner. So I am looking for anyone that can help me I looking to use a single 555 timer to potentiometers I would like the type that use to 4148 diodes does seem to be a little more reliable and cleaner. But I can't seem to find anything anywhere I see some pretty decent ones that use to 555 timers but I really want to keep this as small as possible it's supposed to fit in a tiny little box(controller box). This box is fairly small the two pots fit okay and I was able to fit this one inch breadboard in there. But now I need to fit optocoupler transmitter as well as a battery which I can most likely custom fit now I need something around 12 volts maybe even a 9 volt would pry work but I think that's a little too big.

So if anyone can please help me with this I'm super stuck this seems like a very simple objective to complete. I mean it's a 555 timer easily pulse-width modulated adjustable. I have seen other 555 is that adjust quite simply with the standard pwm set up and then adjustable capacitor. Please do not respond with that I have no intention of wanting to do that because that requires me ordering parts. As well I have successfully did this with to potentiometers I did it once I know I can do it again I'm just an idiot and dropped it before I recorded it. I even took pictures of like 15 angles of this thing and I still couldn't recreate it I needed about three more pictures to be able to do it correctly.

So thank you guys I really appreciate any help you can give me the seems like a pretty simple task. But yes overall one pot adjusting pulse-width modulation from zero two 70 to 90% And if you can simply tell me how I can change those values that would be awesome. And then a potentiometer adjusting frequency which I also know how to adjust the value via capacitor size.

The names Zach, I greatly appreciate any insight you guys can give me on this I'm really stuck here this is the final portion I need to finish my Tesla coil. I'm currently running off 110 pulling 10 amps, so far the initial Arc height it's about 12 to 14 in which in my mind it is pretty good. It is a full Bridge setup if you guys want to know more about my setup please contact me further I would love to share some photos and chit chat about these types of projects this is my first one I ever made.


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There are loads of 555 pwm circuits on Google,, here is one with switch in caps to give you a bigger frequency range, as you say alter the Capacitor or the Potentiometer for frequency shift....ideally post your pictures...