5532 as a synth trigger??

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I built a synth called the Mega Percussive Synth. Though it has 3 voices there is only one trigger for all three. In the process of creating seperate triggers I could replicate the TL07x circuit but am wondering if these 5532 off ebay would work - the 5532 is intended more so for audio, but would it still send a strong enough pulse? They are +/- 15 V, same as the synth. Much thanks.


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The NE5532 has much the same output voltage as a TL072, and PLENTY of output current capability because it is intended for driving LONG audio cables (40mA, compared to 25mA for the TL072)
The input is the main difference. It needs more bias current than the FET inputs of the TL072, and the inputs are protected by diodes making it impossible to use it as a comparator.
The TL072 has a faster slew-rate.
The NE5532 is much quieter for low-impedance inputs, the TL072 is quieter for high-impedance inputs.
Define what you mean by a “strong enough pulse”.