50A DPDT switch needed -- seems hard to find

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I would like to install a DPDT modified as a polarity switch for a couple coworkers in a shop to control the direction of a hose reel motor (12Vdc). Most toggle switches I find in the high amperage realm seem to stop at 30A. I found a 50A via NKK (S732) but it is On-None-On and I need On-Off-On.

Am I seeking an improper component for my application?


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Typically this could be done with a reversing contactor.
They have mechanical and electrical interlocks.
You wire the status you need via simple P.B.'s.


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One common way on such applications is to use two SPDT solenoids. My old fire truck uses such a system for the two hose reels.

When wired properly you only have to activate one at a time to go either direction not both plus the system automatically resorts to a dynamic braking effect if the motor is capable of it.


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Given the options for a 50 amp load and reversing I would likely take the tcmtech approach using heavy duty automotive relays like those linked to by panic mode. Using a pair of relays they could be controlled using a light duty Mom-Off-Mom switch or On-Off-On depending on if you wanted to hold the switch or just have it run. If you just want run then you may want to consider limit switches.

If you would like someone could likely make a schematic.