5-bit parallel register using RS trigger (with NotAND gate)

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I have to make 5-bit parallel single-phase register using RS triggers with Not-AND gates. To check the result I use word generator and Logic Analizer. Here is my bin number 0000010001001100 which I have to turn into machine word and write down to the word generator.

How to turn that? Help me please! Red colored is my sync pulse.


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Hello Luchnikk

Well, You have a 5-BIT parallel register, built with Flip-Flop's R-S type.

But how do you plan to apply, a word of 16 BIT's wide, to one register with only 5-BIT's ???
The word generator, in your schematic, will shift that word ??
Or how that word generator works ??

Could You tell me what electronic circuit simulator you use ??

I'm sorry for so many questions.