4 floor elevator Project

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Ivan Rasco

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could you help me on our project we need to create a 4 floor elevator circuits and program may help us ! thank you


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This has come up as a standard Homework question so many times that I don't know why there is any doubt.


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Do you have to do this with PLC or PIC microcontrollers?
Assignment was probably do on the 2nd of March. You didn't come around soon enough. The poor kid had to decide if he will drop out or changes his major to ... (NOOOOOO!!!!!!), General Business or Psychology. If only you could have been here sooner.


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This is enormously complex with switches and wires and little black things as well as LED displays and more wires.
I can help you with the wires.

John P

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Maybe the people designing elevator control systems should get together with the people who have burned-out treadmill circuit boards, and ... well, I'm not sure what they could accomplish. Something wonderful.