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I have My DeskTop Computer and My Printer in My Bedroom.

I was going to Buy a 3D Printer but I See on YouTube they give Off Fumes that are are Toxic.

But I have 2. Bit Windows in My Bedroom and a Ceiling Fan.

Now if I Open both My Windows and put My Ceiling Fan On and Closse the Bedroom Door and Leave till it Prints will it be ok?


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Depends on what filament you choose.
PLA and ABS are perhaps the most common. I print with both I have not noticed any obnoxious fumes.


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PLA is quite ok.
There has been some on line comments on ABS fumes, but I do not use ABS myself so have not looked into it.
2 of my printers are inside the house and the third is in my workshop.
It is worth while reading the filament product sheets for the manufacture's recommendations.


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Plus, depending on your printers design, nearby fans can affect the quality of your printing. Parts of the object may cool too fast, resulting in weak points


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When I was picking up my printer (Ender 3 Pro) I was very interested in printing ABS. Another customer advised me to start with PLA, so I tossed a spool of that into my cart.

I almost finished a three "story" printer cart using three Ikea Lack tables (google that, lots of good work out there) out of PLA. Used a 2x2' sheet of 3/4" ply from HD, with casters, as the base. Great storage and easy to turn or move.

However, I never put the top on as I'm having too much fun building stuff from PLA to bother a new phase of experimenting with ABS. When I do I might make an exhaust port to blow any fumes outside (where my herb smoking neighbors can enjoy them).