32x32LED matrix anew... 8 x 16f59 16 brightness levels

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    The old prototype was not really good always some failing LEDs and a hassle to replace.
    So ive built it anew with modules.
    Technology is the same, 8x 16f59, 2 each on a carrier PCB.

    New here, no MOSFET drive, and crystals directly on the carrier PCBs.

    Ive made some changes to the old software and it worked instantly.

    Each LED has 16 brightness levels individually.
    Each PIC controls 128 LEDs.
    So the LED data is packed as 4bit unpacked on the fly for each line.

    Soldering individual LEDs was a big hassle while soldering the modules took me just 10 minutes.

    After an hour the chip turns a bit warm driving one LED matrix module.
    There is no resistors or any kind of driving circuit. I consider it a waste of time.

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