32-75V input to 12V,20A output Buck Converter using LM5116 ..#2

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Hello, thanks for the post, I am just trying to do a buck converter with a LM25116 (Vin 50V, Vout 15v Iout max 20A) but on my test I am using the LM5116, I am new in Tina TI and when using the Analysis/DC Analysis/Table of DC results, i get a Warning: Component: U2.xvc01.xu5.d1 Operating point not found, do you know what it means? because there's no component with that name.
Screenshot of the warning:

Thanks fot the help in advance.
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Re " U2.xvc01.xu5.d1 "
U2 is the LM5116
xvco1 is probably a node on device xu5 inside the chip, which is probably a diode of type D1.

It suggests the simulation is failing because of a circuit error in the definition of the internal workings of the LM5116. The simulation will be a simplified mathematical model if the device which may fail under certain conditions.
TI have a good tech support team which support using the TINA tool, suggest you drop them a line, or ask on the power management support forum or the simulation support forum both of which have numerous questions about the LM5116