30 years old music player


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Yes, get the service manual then you can see where to tap into it, otherwise use an Aux input from the cassette player or record deck.....


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You are very unlikely to find the service manual for this.

Having attempted repair of similar modular audio systems in the past, I can advise that interconnection between the audio units (CD player/tape deck/tuner/record deck/amp etc) is often achieved using ribbon cables – making identification of audio paths tricky.

My advice would be to remove the rear cover and try to identify the audio feed from the CD player to the power amplifier section. This left & right audio signal will be at line level. You could then take the amplifier input (L/R) to a DPDT switch, switching between the CD feed and an Aux input.


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I agree with Hymie.

Sometimes, opening up a fully integrated unit like this can be tricky. Please post a photo showing the entire rear side of the unit, and a photo of the bottom.