24VDC/30A Motor Controller

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I am working in a Capstone Design project group at Wright State University. We have taken on the responsibility of building up an electric road vehicle. We are currently using a 24VDC battery and have been provided a DC brushed motor rated for 30A. Since all of the students in this group are Mechanical Engineering students, we don't have a wide knowledge base regarding circuitry and motor controllers.

Unfortunately, we cannot just buy a motor controller, as per competition rules.
We need to build a circuit on our own, but have no idea what schematics will work effectively.
If anyone has any schematics they have used/designed, we'd greatly appreciate any help that we can get.

Thank you for your time. If I have excluded any information that is necessary for this post, please let me know.

Note: We would prefer to use a PWM system to increase our efficiency. However, anything that would work is better than what we currently have.

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If you want electronic reversing then you will need a full wave PWM bridge.
Otherwise you would need to do it with a relay etc.
There are quite a few PWM DC motor controllers if using Google.


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Dont overlook that the PWM source can be a $4 Arduino. You can write code for it that does graceful acceleration, de-acceleration, coasting, regen braking, etc....