22-30V input regulated to 20-22V output

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Hello. I need to regulate the voltage (22V - 30V) and step it down to 20-22V. I am not able to use LDO voltage regulators due to the fact that they have high forward voltage drop and at arround 22V input I may not be able to get 20V output.

An interestng option I have found is this voltage regulator chip: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tps7a47.pdf
Considering that my input voltage should never be below 22V, I should be able to achieve 20.5V output considering its low forward voltage drop.

Have you got any other suggestions how to achieve 20-22V output from 22-30V input whilst keeping it as simple as possible?


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If you can tolerate the 300mV or so dropout voltage of the TPS7A470x regulator, than that should work for you.
It would mean that the maximum output for a 22V input would be about 21.7V.


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The circuit of the regulator I propose allows to get a minimum difference between the input and output of 10 mV at the current of 0.5 Ampere. I.e. at an input voltage of 22 V it is possible to receive (adjust) 21.99 V at an output (at loading of 0.5 A).
Compare them. And be aware that the output of the pulse stabilizer may be high-frequency ripple and this stabilizer will be a source of electromagnetic interference.