DC/DC converter : with Constant Voltage Regulated Input and a simulated PV solar regulated Output

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I am trying to interface a DC/DC converter that has a Constant Current Output with an inverter that has an MPPT regulated input .

To do this I need a DC/DC converter with the following features - Input : Constant Voltage regulated input and Output : simulated PV solar regulated output . I would be interested to know how this could be implemented and if there is an implementation of this type of converter already available that I could use . Here are some draft specifications for the DC/DC converter : Input Voltage : 125V DC approx ( CV regulated) , Output Voltage 60-100V approx (simulated PV solar regulated)

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A solar panel has a constant current output below the MPPT point and a constant voltage output above.
A DC/DC converter with a constant current output must also have a maximum output voltage, so at some point it must transition from CC to CV.
What happens when you join the two together? It seems to me that they are similar enough to make it worth trying.