20-50kV 1 mS pulse generator

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Hi all!

I'm looking to build a 20-50kV pulse generator for a mushroom growing experiment.

I can source the high voltage module, but would like some input on what Capacitors and a pulse generator that could control it. Looking at 2 micro second pulses. Don't want heaps. Maybe like 20-50 cycles



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Switching at a lower voltage seems possible where switching at 10's of KV sounds very difficult. If you could comtrol the ringing driving a low voltage transformer primary with the burst of 1 us pulses and stepping up the voltage by tuning and/or turns ratio might be a good place to start. This is much easier to talk about than pull off.


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For mushrooms??!! Ouch! Must meditate about car ignition coil if longer than 10 us and TV kinescope transformer if longer than 1 us. Until 30-40 kV ist is rather stable, yet for 50 kV or use a voltage boost or sink it in epoxides. Best sorts are the ultimate discoloured, the hardener better to put too less as too much. For driving may use the ordinary 555. If larger current is needed, 3055 is ultimate hit-hammer. Third possibility is MOT, hovever it hives not so much a voltage, some 2 kV or with doubler 3-4 kV, it is much powerful and may be used to produce the ramp DC from which to add the coil may form the pulses. Some HV transistors are able for 2 and even 5 kV. Fourth method is like lasers do, use the 1:4 coaxial cable-wound transformer of ferrite or even thin-steel toroide and feed it by tyratron. Some 10 kW 50 kV units in this manner work very well, however not every cable sort is able to stand that voltage
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