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Are you in a Country other than the USA ?
If you are in the USA these types of cheap-junk Plugs and Outlets are available everywhere,
including Walmart, and any Hardware-Store, and even some Auto-Parts Stores.

Sometimes........... "you get what you pay for".

The Plugs and Outlets that have a "15-Amp" rating are usually really cheap,
and will not withstand continuous hard Service.
Some are designed for use specifically with common "Lamp-Cord" or "Zip-Cord" Wire.
Some will ONLY work with standard 16-ga. "Zip-Cord", and some have individual Screws.

It's actually difficult to find high-quality, heavy-duty, 2-pronged Outlets and Plugs.

There are many different manufacturers, each with their own unique features.

If you want something quite a bit more "Heavy-Duty" then use "20-Amp" rated
Plugs and Outlets.
However, all the "20-Amp", (and larger), rated devices, are going to be 3-pronged.

If you want to step-up-to the next level in quality, get "Specification-Grade".
An even higher standard is available too, "Hospital-Grade".

The higher quality grades are also available in 30-Amp versions,
but they will have a unique prong arrangement, and only work with their matching Outlets.

"Leviton" is the biggest manufacturer in the USA.
"Pass & Seymour / Legrand" is number 2, right behind Leviton.
Both sell "Home-Owner" "junk", as well as top-quality Devices.

The only other sources of top-quality "2-prong" connectors that I know of,
are some of the "Electronics-Hardware" manufacturers,
but they are usually very expensive, and you may not find what you want "in-stock"
because high-quality 2-prong connectors are not high-volume parts.
Check-out DigiKey, or any of the other big Electronics Suppliers.
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